David Hutchison

David Hutchison

David Hutchison is a Scottish artist, filmmaker and writer.

His most recent exhibition was Medical Inspirations, held at Edinburgh University in 2019.

He wrote/directed the award-winning feature Graders and comedy horror Baobhan Sith.

In April 2020 he launched historical novel The Book of Skulls and Gaelic picturebook Càit An Dèan Mi Mo Nead?.

He is currently developing The Book of Skulls as a TV series, dark comedy feature Kore and a series of East Lothian landscapes.

Flying Sheep Publishing

Flying Sheep Publishing

Latest releases from Flying Sheep Publishing.


Baobhan Sith streamed

Baobhan Sith

Filmmaker Senga Sutherland is hired by island owner Laird Clate to make a horror film about a family curse, but she's really after footage of his rare bog bloater plant for her carnivorous plants documentary. When on the eve of departure to the island estranged daughter Freya turns up, Senga persuades her to come along on a sort of working holiday. Little do they know that the curse is real and the laird will do anything to remove it from his family....but unfortunately curses don't come with instructions.

Baobhan Sith is now available to stream on Amazon and Vimeo On Demand



Polish artist Ania works in a restaurant while her sister Celina busks on the streets of Edinburgh. When recruitment consultant Lem offers Celina a job in a fish factory in the Highlands, she travels to the remote peninsula of Innisaig, where she then disappears. Ania travels to Innisaig to look for Celina, but instead finds her sister's precious guitar. Knowing that her sister would never leave it behind she realises that something is really wrong and she is compelled to investigate further.

Graders is now available to stream on Amazon


Coming Home

Fidra 2, acrylic on recycled board,127x107cm

My new painting Fidra (2) has been accepted into the Aberdeen Artist Society exhibition Coming Home. Due to covid the exhibition will be online and opens on 20th June, 2020. I'll add a link nearer the time.

It is one of a series of landscapes from around Yellowcraigs in East Lothian. Painted in acrylic on recycled board.

Broken Bow

Broken Bow

Book 2 in the Seordag Stories series launched 3.6.2020

Set in the small crofting community of Assynt (in NW Sutherland), the story interweaves the modern and ancient. When Blarag the Cow Fiddle breaks her bow Seordag the TV Hen enlists her chicks and friends to find a way to help. Can the chicks win a contest and buy a new bow and can Flossie the Flying Sheep get them there in time?

Available at Amazon.co.uk

More outlets and Gaelic version coming soon.

The Book of Skulls

The Book of Skulls

A Victorian tale of gender-bending, hidden identity, obsession and gruesome murder, set in Edinburgh's Old Town.

1875. Liz Moliette; a poor orphan of unknown heritage, and Amulya Patel; from a wealthy Indian family, are the only female students at the Edinburgh Medical School, where a hostile attitude towards women is driven by Professor Atticus. However Liz and Amulya have allies in fellow student Campbell Preeble, The Reekie reporter Hector Findlay and the charming Dr Paul Love.

In dire need of funds, Liz becomes assistant to gruff lecturer and police surgeon Dr Florian Blyth. When a series of grisly murders take place the doctor and Liz help Inspector Macleod in his investigation, which leads to the Edinburgh Asylum, the Burry Man festival and the quack science of phrenology

The search for the killer comes dangerously close to Liz as she uncovers her own family secrets.

This first book in the Doctresses series launched on 24th April 2020. Order on:

There are readings from the April 2020 online launch on the Facebook page.

I will be taking part in the Noir at the Bar on Thurs 4th June 2020

Where Will I Make My Nest?

Where Will I Make My Nest

Children's picturebook adventure about a hen looking for a place to make a nest.

Set in the small crofting community of Assynt (in NW Sutherland), the story interweaves the modern and ancient. Seordag is a metal hen with a TV set body. On her quest to find a place to make her nest, Seordag encounters a helpful seagull, a cow-fiddle, an accordian sheep, a talking cement mixer and Marlene, the hardy crofter. Seordags’ new friends help her to make a fabulous hen house where she lays three eggs. They hatch into mobile phone chicks and they have a grand ceilidh.

Gaelic and English versions now on Amazon.


Baobhan Sith

The world premiere screening of Baobhan Sith was on 29th Jan 2017 at the Horror-On-Sea Film Festival.


Graders screened at the Swedish International Film festival 8.7.16

Graders available on DVD via Amazon

Guest blog on Stage 32 on 21st May 2015.

Janet De Vigne and Graders on BBC website 22.03.15

Graders at Marché Du Film 2013, Cannes. Stand Lerins S6 via Striped Entertainment. 15.05.13

Graders on Go Into The Story. 16.05.13

Graders screened at the Bootleg Film Festival22.03.13

Flicker Magazine review18.02.13

Creative HI 9.10.12

Graders wins Best Feature Award at Nemffest 8.10.12

Graders has its US premiere at Gotham Screen International Film Festival,New York 25.09.12

Graders nominated for Best Feature Award at Nemffest 31.08.12

Hollywood Investigator 22.07.12

Highland News 21.11.11

Emito.net 10.11.11

Ross-shire Journal 7.11.11

Newsweek Poland 17.10.11

The Northern Times 7.10.11

Polish Gazeta1.7.11

Artwork 1.6.11

Storm Hags

Storm Hags

Kids stuck at home? I've made my YA novella free for ebook download at Smashwords

Paperback on Lulu

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Distant Sky

Distant Sky

Inverness Film Festival 9th Nov 2019

Ghost Dogs

Ghost Dogs

World premiere at Portobello Film Festival on 3rd Sept 2019 where it was nominated for Best Animation.

The Ghost Dogs of Edinburgh Castle have to come up with a plan to prevent the billionaire with orange hair from turning their dog cemetery into a minature golf course.


Medical Inspirations

Edinburgh Seven

21st Oct to 7th Nov,2019

Chaplaincy Centre, Edinburgh University, 1 Bristo Sq, Edinburgh EH8 9AL

Medical Inspirations featured new imaginings of the Edinburgh Seven on their 150th anniversary, gender bending surgeon James Miranda Barry, paintings from Doctresses (a fictional crime story set in 1870s Edinburgh), cartoons by a patient of a stay in Raigmore Hospital in the late 60s, and interviews with a prospective medical student, a current medical student, and the journey back to health of two patients.

Art At Waterstone's

Exhibition with Cathy at Waterstones

Set up my Reef sculpture (created from plastic gathered from beaches around the world) 21.7.18 as part of the Art at Waterstone's exhibition in Livingston organised by Cathy Bell. The theme is The Sea. Very appropriate as same day as my wee brother Duncan set off on his one man row from New York to Lochinver. You can track him here

Ceilidh Place Raffle

Ceilidh Place, Ullapool, Raffle for Water Aid

Here's Jock Urquhart handing over the painting to winner of raffle Catriona McDonald . Thanks to Mairearad Green for organising exhibition and Effie MacKenzie for organising the raffle. We raised £209 for WaterAid

Suilven Towers High

Suilven Towers High

Suilven is an amazing mountain. Some call it the sugar loaf mountain because of its shape, very much like the similar mountain in Rio de Janerio in Brazil. It’s made from sandstone and topped with quartz and at one time was in demand for creating mill stones. I used to get told off in art class at school for painting it too much. Suilven also featured in my first ever video installation Tilleadh (1990) and in my debut thriller film Graders (2012).

The word Suilven is a mix of Norse and Gaelic , translating as Pillar Mountain, or Grey Pillar. I’ve also heard it translated as Eye Tower. Some paintings depict the Deadgirls; characters inspired by stories from my childhood and from my love of supernatural/horror films.

Quite a few paintings depict people rowing, which had been on my mind lately as my brother Duncan will attempt to row from New York to Lochinver this May. For several years Duncan and I worked together as fishermen. At sea you look for landmarks such as Suilven to help guide you.

Seordag the TV Hen who features in some paintings was inspired by my Great Aunt Seordag Murray who worked in radar during WW2 and taught us children Gaelic for the Mod. The title is not a school but comes from a line in the song “Lochinver” by the late Rodney Mackenzie.

Suilven Towers High is at The Ceilidh Place, 14 West Gyle St, Ullapool, from 11th Mar to 26th April, 2018.

Art at Waterstones

Storm Hags at Waterstones

Group show at Waterstones in Almondvale Centre, Livingston, until end of May 2018. I'm showing my paintings The Bay of Echoes and Storm Raft, both from my children's book Storm Hags.Exhibition organised by Cathy Bell

This Is Earth

This Is Earth, group exhibition 8th Oct -18th Nov 2017

This is Earth

Seordag & The Deadgirls

Seordag & The Deadgirls, Cameo Cinema Bar, Apr 24th to 2nd Jun,2017

Seordag and the Dead Girls exhibition

BBC article on the inspiration of this exhibition.

 Chrissie, Seordag and Joan



One of my e-toads at the Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh. Exhibition runs from Sat 30th Oct to 15th Dec, 2010.


flyer by Grant Wilson

The InArt Collective's new exhibition is at Oceam Terminal, Edinburgh from1st Dec to 31st Dec 2010. Artists: Anjila Wilson,James Page,Cathy Bell,Maureen MacLeod and myself. The graphics were designed by Grant Wilson.


Zombie LIck showing  upgrade New York

21st May2009. Zombie Lick showing as part of B-Sides through New Media Scotland. at Eyebeam, New York.



Carousel is showing at Visions in the Nunnery. Selected by Tessa Garland and Cinzia Cremona , Visions 09 features 56 artists from 12 different countries to highlight an exciting art form thriving with enthusiasm and challenges. Opening times:Sat 23rd-Sun 24th May, Sat 30th-Sun 31st May 12 noon -6.00pm. Critical Forum: Sun 24th May 3.00pm -5.30pmThe Nunnery, Bow Arts Lane, 181-183 Bow Rd, London


Pocket Place Scotland

Pocket Place Scotland is the proud host of Scottish Screen’s Pocket Short initiative, hosting three years worth of innovative mobile content and application for the mobile platform.


Balance at SSA

My sculpture Balance (bronze, wax, bogwood) is showing at the Society of Scottish Artists exhibition at the Vision Building , Dundee from 23 May – 19 June 2009. The exhibition shares the space with the Duncan of Jordanston Degree show so it's a kind of homecoming for me ( I graduated at Duncan of Jordanston in 1996).


Out There

inArt Contemportary Art Exhibition at John Muir's Birthplace, 126 High St, Dunbar, 13th Jan to 14th Feb 2010. Artists: Cathy Bell, Marjory Crooks, Susie Goodwin, David HUtchison, Donald McKenzie, Robert McCubbin and James Page.



e-toads at Royal Scottish Academy spring open

E-toads at RSA Spring Open 18th April to 20th May 2009


animation in Leith

Students of my animation class have work showing in the exhibition Parallel lives II. Out of the Blue 29 January-23 February 2009
WHALE 26 Februrary-27 March 2009. North Edinburgh Arts Centre 2 April-5 May 2009.


Zombie Lick

Zombie Lick screened at One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau, Switzerland , 22 to 24th August. 2008

CCA, Glasgow, Wednesday 28th May.Paris, France: February 15-16-17: as part of "Economie 0", at Ménagerie de Verre


World community arts day

inArt presents an exhibition featuring films by James Page and myself, work by Cathy Bell and Paddi O'Brien (who have collaborated previously) on the themes of Poverty and Pollution - and more... Tues 17th Feb 2009, Almondvale Sq, The Centre, Livingston.


Mary's hand in a bell jar

Two of my short stories are published in issue 3 of the e-magazine The Ranfurly Review. The Book of Skin was inspired by a trip to Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh. Rubber Up Ducky was inspired by my condom dispensor videosculpture Kitschen.


Stack of the Storm Hags painting

Storm Hags & Other Stories exhibition at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 26th May - 5th July.



Tues 13th May 6.30pm
macrobert arts centre
Stirling University


Bower Bird

Bower Bird at the Visual Arts Scotland exhibition 2008, gets a mention in The Scotsman


Coast to Coast

The InArt Collective present the new exhibition Coast to Coast at Dunbar Library. 19th May to 14th June.

Society of Scottish Artists Exhibition 2008


Biles screened at SSA exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh 21st March to 17th April 2008.



Carousel won the Ya Tube competition, organized by The Leith Agency for the 2007 Leith Festival.


Eyeloch and Carousel shown at GOLDMEMBER; the Embassy Gallery Annual Member Show,Sept to Oct 2007.


SALT exhibition

The InArt Collective present SALT; an exhibition at the Port Inn, Leith. From 20th Oct to 22nd Nov. Artists: Robert McCubbin, Donald McKenzie, Yvonne Hutchinson, David Hutchison, Cathy Bell, Maureen McLeod , James Page


Seordag Stories exhibition at Port Inn, leith

Seordag Storiest is at the Port Inn from 28th August to 19th Oct.


Beachcomber exhibition

InArt presents a new exhibition at The Almondvale Centre, Livingston.


the depressionists

Thursday 17th 6-8pm. The Depressionists. A multi-media showcase of Edinburgh artists and special guests at Craigmillar art space. Harewood Drive, (off Niddrie mains Rd by Richmond Church.)
Featuring: Dawn Archibald, John Elder, Johann Flett, Denny Hunter, David Hutchison, Markus Karkus, Arek Kozak, Morag Patterson, Sandra Mackie, Ray Miles, Paul Moore
18th-25th May 2007 12-4pm.


zebra sonata

La Sonate du Zebre at the Embassy Gallery's Le Carnaval des Animaux at ECA Sculpture Court. April 2007. The painting was sold at auction for the ESSA project.


Art poster New exhibition of art and film from InArt.9am-5-30pm(Friday,Saturday)11am - 5.pm (Sunday),The Centre,Almondvale Boulevard, Livingston, 11,12,13th Nov. Poster by Cathy Bell

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts

Stars of Love

Rionnagan Gaoil (Stars of Love) and Tilleadh (The Returning) , both videos I created and part of the programme ‘Passages’, coordinated by Fields and Frames in the early 90s, A one-off screening at Street Level, Wednesday 21st April, 7pm as part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts, 2010. Street Level Photoworks,Trongate 103, Glasgow G1 5HD, f: 0141 552 2151


Snail video

A Snail's Pace is a short tale about a man who goes out to buy a pint of milk and ends up getting in a race. It was filmed in Devon and stars Roy McNeill and Helen Hong.


The Killing Times

The Killing Times made the first round of the British Feature Screenplay Competition, 2009 run by Kaos Films.

A doctor, taken captive by a cave dwelling cult, discovers their awful secret of longevity. He must escape with the help of the leader's daughter and bring this knowledge to the outside world.

Tagline: A taste of the MacAbre.


Janet De Vigne and Ishbel Henderson

Bane is a short film created for the 2009 48hr Film Festival. It tells the story of a woman who is tormented by a guilty secret, involving the death of a child. Directed by Gareth Peevers, written by Gareth Peevers and David Hutchison. This is child actor Ishbel Henderson's debut , working alongside Slumdog Millionaire actor Janet De Vigne . Also starring 48hr veteran Gabrielle Barker and thespian Chris Pearson. Nicholas Anderson: cinematographer/sound
Louis Hubert: sound/production assistant. Filmed at Leith Academy. Cameo Cinema 28th May at 18.30, £5 entry.Cameo Picturehouse, 38 Home Street,Booking Line: 0871 704 2052,Email: cameo@picturehouses.co.uk


One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau

A shorter version of Furnace is screening in the international competition at the 2009 One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau, Switzerland, 21- 23 August 2010.


Cammy Leon, Dunning design agency

The Cammy Leon Gallery is the alter-ego of Dunning; a leading design agency in the heart of Glasgow! Commencing on Friday 27th November we are set to open the doors to our first exhibition, "The Secret Stramash of Spectacular Shenanigans".

Peter Potter Gallery

Aberlady Nature reserve. Acrylic painting
Aberlady Nature Reserve

Two of my landscapes are on show at the Peter Potter Gallery Open Exhibition, Haddington. Sat 4th April to Sat 30th May, 2009.


Kino London

My video Furnace was created especially for Kino London. It was screened inside an inflatable igloo in the Clore ballroom of the Southbank Centre on 11th Jan 2009. It will also be screened at the World Community Art Day in Livingston on Tues 17th Feb 2009.


e-octupus at ECA

E- Octopus(bronze) is displayed at the ECA Art Studies Student Exhibition 2009, Sculpture Court,14th to 22nd April 2009


Carousel video

Carousel screened at
Simultan04 Festival, Romania, October 23 to 25, 2008


Write Side of the Brain

CAROUSEL EYELOCH and KITSCHEN to be shown. Dates: January 21-23, and 28-30 and February 4-6, 2008 Times: 7:30pm-10:30pm (perfomance poetry, performance art, cabaret, and film begin at 7:30pm; play starts at 8:30pm) Cost: £5 (con £4 with flyer) Location: The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge, London SE1 3SS (nearest Tube: London Bridge) Tel: 07890604280 www.missfitproductions.org



Off beat is the latest exhibition by the InArt Collective. Feb 27th, 28th, 29th 2008. Almondvale Shopping Centre, Livingston.


Red Fields exhibition

Red Fields is an exhibition of new paintings inspired by poppy fields in Aberlady, East Lothian. It is at the Port Inn from 21st July to 27th August. Cards are available in my online shop.

Calumn and Seer

Brahan Seer exhibited at Society of Scottish Artists Exhibition 2006.


Ensight exhibition

Wed 12th - Tue 18th April, 15:00 - 20:00.
Junk DNA Egg at Ensight; an innovative multimedia art exhibition, charting the evolution from raw science data into works of art.
enSight Gallery, 51 Home Street, Edinburgh
courtesy of Edinburgh International Science Festival.


Tentacle girl

Tentacle Girl features on the cover of So:Local magazine.


Zombie Lick

Zombie Lick won the Pocket Shorts 60-1 Competition at the 2006 Edinburgh International Film Festival. Also shown at The Embassy's "Night of a 1000 Trips", ECA Sculpture Garden, "B-Sides" Upgrade! Belgrade.International annual gathering in Oklahoma City, USA, Nov 30 -Dec 3, through New Media Scotland.


Much Later

Much Later is shown at the The Aspect Prize 2007 Exhibition.


Mathar Na Moine at the Hayward Gallery

Mathar Na Moine at the National Film Theatre, London, as part of the Hayward Gallery surreal exhibition.


Wall Art

Until Sat 15th April 2006

inArt Collective presents a Contemporary Art Exhibition at The Almondvale Centre, Livingston. For info contact Cathy Bell on 01506 411815. Artists: Cathy Bell,Scott Gilbert, Franz Grimley, David Hutchison, Donald MacKenzie, Robert McCubbin, Maureen MacLeod, Sharon Main, James Page, Shelley Weir.

SeordagTV Screening at Filmhouse

Mon 3rd April 2006

Shoot First Event. The screening starts at 6.30, doors open 6.00.

Fèis Drama Na H-Òigridh

A selfish moment

Gaelic Youth Theatre Festival 2006. An extract of "Càit An Dèan Mi Mo Nead?" was performed by the Gaelic Youth Theatre at the MacPhail Theatre on Friday Feb 24th , 1.00 - 4.30pm.



Peccadilloes at the Visual Arts Scotland 2006 exhibition at the Royal Society of Artists, The Mound, Edinburgh.


The Alienist

A public reading of "The Alienist" at the National Galleries of Scotland on Thursday 19th April 2007 5.30-7pm. The story is based on Richard Dadd's painting of Sir Alexander Morison. It is part of the Scotsman Creative Writing Competition 2007 in association with the English Speaking Union and Scottish Poetry Library.


The Annual Embassy Gallery Members Show 15th September - 8th October 2006The Embassy
76 East Crosscauseway